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Express Van fourgonnette

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simply practical
With asymmetrical rear doors that open 180°, Express Van has a usable volume of 3.3 m3  and a loading length of 1.91 m with a panel partition, offering the best loading length/total length ratio in its class. Load up to 3.7 m3  worth of cargo with the folding passenger seat and rotating mesh partition. Its sliding side door opens a record-breaking 716 mm for easy access on board. 
Express Van interior
ergonomic interior
With its spacious interior, dashboard with numerous storage compartments, contemporary seats, and much more. Enjoy a practical and comfortable on-board experience.     

Express Van fourgonnette
comfortable and ergonomic seats
Express Van’s reinforced seats ensure an optimum driving position in all circumstances.
Express Van cargo area
functional and generous loading area: with rotating partition...
Take advantage of up to 3.7 m3 a loading volume and a usable length of 2.36 m with its rotating partition and folding passenger seat.
EXPRESS Van exterior
... or solid partition.
Express Van has a loading length of 1.91 m with solid partitioning, offering a generous volume of 3.3 m3 and the best usable length/total length ratio in its class.



Rear view assistant for Express Van
rear view assistant
A digital screen—in place of the interior rearview mirror—displays the image filmed* by the camera installed on the rear of your vehicle. So convenient for panelled versions!
Wide-angle mirror of Express Van
wide-angle mirror
The wide-angle mirror located in the passenger’s sun visor expands your right-hand lateral field of vision, providing greater comfort and safety. It lets you see anything that may be hidden behind the panelled partition. 
Blind spot warning for Express Van
blind spot warning
When a vehicle is in the blind spot of your Express Van, a warning light on each wing mirror alerts you.

* at medium and long range.

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